We realize how frustrating, time consuming and costly it can be to raise capital through most traditional and non-traditional methods for business owners. The hurdles one faces often is beyond belief!
As professionals in private funding we are aligned to provide you the best opportunity to obtain capital to fund your projects. Completed by our team of experts, we’ve been instrumental at providing funding to our clients for over 30+ years. The solutions we offer are cost effective and completed in a timely manner, ensuring successful transactions.
By utilizing our network of High Net Worth Individuals / Corporations and banking relationships, we obtain funding for our clients from $4 million upwards to $1 billion+ to fund your project and use profits how you desire.
For a minimum of $250,000 written into the MOU as a short-term loan, this participation fee will be repaid back to your designated bank account in 30 international bank days once we begin the process with our banks.
We are not looking to educate or explain the inner workings and KEY relationships we have to achieve what we do. If you can follow the SET IN STONE process the end results are extremely rewarding.
These types of financial transactions are highly regulated by all governing bodies making this a safe way to fund projects and provide you capital in a timely manner.
These transactions greatly improve our credit worthiness as well as our purchasing power upon completion. This is one reason why we offer this to a select few that come referred to us by our network of trusted partners. Our main goal is to rebuild the economy! We are active humanitarians looking to create change to greatly improve the world we live in.
These types of transactions must be approved by banking regulatory authority, therefore all participants must comply with their requirements. These are as follows:
1. Complete a CIS form which can be provided upon request
2. Proof of Funds via bank statement or letter. Must be current dated
3. Provide a copy of your current passport
4. Review and sign our Agreement
5. Wire the participation fee only after signing of Agreement
Q & A:
Q: Why do we require a participation fee of $250,000 minimum?
The Banking Regulation Commission dictates various requirements for anyone who participates in these types of transactions. To participate in these transactions an Individual must have a minimum of $10 million to $100 million on deposit in their bank to enter these transactions or have an established credit line able to obtain and receive bank collateral. Through our banking relationships we have arranged for these transactions to begin with minimal entry fees which are strictly fees for banking costs dictated by our bankers and account holders.
All clients are reimbursed their monies within 21 international bank days upon receipt and written into the MOU/ JVA. Payment of the $4 million is commonly completed in 35- a maximum of 45 international bank days.
Q: What is the $250,000 used for and is it secure?
The $250,000 is used to pay for all associated bank fees and legal fees incurred in association with our Funding. These costs are dictated by our bankers and are fixed costs. The funds you contribute are secure and contractually bound by International bank Laws, ICC as well as an escrow agreement. All lenders require borrowers to bring their own “skin in the game”. We are no different except we don’t take any equity and we are giving you funds to use at your leisure – NOT A LOAN. Yes, at some point these funds become a taxable event, but you can mitigate the tax obligations. We will guide you through this process step by step and show you the insider secrets of these crucial steps.
When a client has completed the required CIS form and received the customized MOU/ JVA Agreement you will review and finalize with your signature. All participation fees are required to be wired within 24 hours of the duly signed MOU/ JVA. Failure to wire could eliminate you from participating, therefore it’s imperative to be serious about entering this transaction.
Q: Can I start with more than $250,000?
Yes, as long as it’s in $250,000 amounts. EXAMPLE: $500,000 participation would yield your company $8 million and $1 million would yield your company $16 million.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a specific funding amount you require please speak to us so we can customize for you the exact amount required by you to participate and generate your specific funding request.
Q: Can I re-enter to obtain additional capital?
Yes, you will need to discuss the particulars with our Coordinator prior to participating again.
BROKERS/ INTERMEDIARIES: If you have a client that we can speak to we will require a conference call to discuss whether your client is a good fit for us. You will be paid a Consulting Fee for bringing us a client paid to your designated bank account. On request we can provide banking for you if necessary.
We will provide you with written updates throughout the entire process until completion. Start on the pathway to success TODA